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Learn how to flip furniture to make extra income!

A message from Cynthia

For over 40 years, I have saved a lot of money by refinishing furniture for my home.  Like many people, during the quarantine, I was forced to close my photography studios. With no income, I began to flip furniture  as a way to pay my bills. I was pleased that it turned out to be a good way to bring in some extra income!

When I was finally able to re-open my business, I continued to flip furniture because not only was it profitable, but I found it to be FUN!

Every piece of furniture I refinish is a challenge.


Watching my videos, you will learn how to repair furniture as well as restyle it.  I like to duplicate high end furniture when restyling a piece.  I find it rewarding to take a dresser I paid $8 for and make it look like a $3000 Restoration Hardware dresser. 


I will also show you how to flip furniture for a profit without touching a paint brush!  Yes, you can make a nice profit buying furniture, cleaning it up a little and then reselling it for a profit. 


I add videos regularly to YOUTUBE so I encourage you to subscribe so will be notified when I post a new one.

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