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What is under all that blue and pink paint?

While this Art Deco Vanity appears to be very well made, paint can be used to hide a lot of repaired damage and flaws so I had no idea what I was going to find when I stripped this vanity.

Watch the video to see what was uncovered when I stripped it...

This video contains step by step instructions showing you how to strip paint from furniture. It also shows you how to stain furniture so you do not have to wait 72 hours to topcoat. Want to know how to clean brass hardware on furniture? This video shows you how easy it is!

The link to this video posted on my YouTube channel is below:

Supplies used in this video:

Mineral Spirits

KWIK Strip Paint and Varnish Remover at Home Depot

Steel Wool Pads #3

Steel Wool Pads super fine

Plastic putty knives

Varathane Premium Wood Stain American Walnut

Varathane Water Base Polyurethane

Hot Plate

Pan to hold vinegar

Distilled White vinegar

Spray Laquer semi gloss

Ryobi Orbital Sander


Zibra Paint brush

Car washing sponge

Screw Drivers

Krud Kutter

Dust mask

Ryobi cordless orbital sander

Sanding discs for orbital sander

Ryobi battery

Respirator with safety glasses

Ryobi Cordless Drill

Wood Glue

Mineral Spirits

Outdoor Bleach

Additional products I find helpful in flipping furniture:

Zibra grip n glide 2 inch paint brush

Assorted Sanding Sponges

Gray wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms)

Beech wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms)Chair Table Leg floor protectors

ChrystaLac satin sealer (does NOT yellow when used on white chalk paint)

Respirator with safety glasses

Rub N Buff

Steel Bar Clamps

5in Clear stretch wrap film (to protect furniture for transportation)

18 in clear stretch wrap film (to protect furniture for transportation)

22 in wooden drawer slide (cut to fit)

Tack in Drawer Glides

Please read all labels and follow all manufacturer safety recommendations when working with paints, stains, and other equipment and wear and use appropriate personal protection equipment. Viewers should attempt these projects at their own risk.

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