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Beyond Paint Compared to Chalk Paint. The Shocking Results.

I put BEYOND PAINT all-in-one paint applied FOUR WAYS (sprayed, brushed, 3/8" nap roller and foam roller) to the test against Waverly CHALK PAINT to determine...... IS BEYOND PAINT BETTER THAN CHALK PAINT?

I wanted to determine if, based on how it was applied, there was a significant difference in the durability of BEYOND PAINT. Does one method scratch more easily? Is one more resistant to stains from food and drink? Which application method provides the smoothest surface?

I performed a modified version of tests done by professional paint testing labs to objectively evaluate and compare Beyond Paint with Chalk Paint. The results of these tests can help you to decide for yourself whether you want to paint that next piece of furniture with Chalk Paint for Beyond Paint. I believe the results with surprise you!

I received NO compensation from the companies nor was this video sponsored by any company. I did not receive any product from either of the companies at no charge. I purchased everything for these tests myself. Therefore, this video represents my unbiased evaluation of the two paints: Beyond Paint All in One and Waverly Chalk Paint with Varathane Water Base Polyurethane sealer.

Click on the link below to view the video posted in YouTube:

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