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How I made a $2200 PROFIT on ONE FLIP with NO painting, sanding or stripping! YOU CAN TOO!!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This video shows you step by step how I was able to made a $2200 profit on ONE furniture flip. I did not have to paint it, refinish it, strip it, or sand it! In this video I show you how I did it, so YOU TOO can make a HUGE PROFIT flipping furniture.

I am revealing my secrets in identifying the kind of furniture that will allow you to make these huge profits, including where to buy it, where to sell it and how to market it so you can get the most money from your furniture flip.

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I post 2 videos per week with innovative ways to refinish, restore and restyle furniture so you can flip it for the most money. But I also post videos, like this, showing how you can flip furniture without painting it etc.

Listed below is the actual write up that I used in listing this set on Facebook Marketplace so you can use it as a guide to write a description of the furniture that YOU are flipping for HUGE profits!

"This beautiful hand carved all wood dining room set was purchased five years ago at a high end furniture store in Atlanta.

It has been lovingly cared for in a smoke free pet free home so it remains in "like new" condition.

The hand carving is on the edges of the table, hutch, buffet, back of chairs, chair legs and table legs. The hutch has an overhead light with beautiful curved beveled glass. The buffet has dovetail solid wood drawers. The gorgeous dining room set is in "like-new" condition: it’s free of watermarks, chips or scratches. All moving parts work perfectly, such as doors, drawers, etc. The white upholstery fabric on the chairs is free of any marks, stains etc. Once again, the fabric is in "like new" condition. In fact, many of the chairs still have the plastic from the factory covering the upholstered seats.

To see the video of this set, click on the link below:


Hutch: 86 1/2inches tall

47 1/2 inches wide

17 1/2 inches deep


72 inches long

42 inches wide

31 inches tall

There are 2 12 inch extensions that can also be used to make the table a total of length of 96 inches

Cash only

White glove delivery is available for an additional fee.

The item is located in _____.


Johnson Paste Wax

Old English Scratch Cover Dark Wood

Mohawk No Blush (gets rid of heat marks on wood furniture)

Krud Kutter degreaser

Additional products I find helpful in flipping furniture:

Zibra grip n glide 2 inch paint brush Assorted Sanding Sponges

Gray wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms)

Beech wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms) Chair Table Leg floor protectors

ChrystaLac satin sealer (does NOT yellow when used on white chalk paint)

Respirator with safety glasses

Rub N Buff

Replacement battery for Ryobi power tools

Ryobi 7 1/4 in Battery powered Miter Saw

Ryobi Electric 7 1/4 in Miter Saw

Irwin 24 inch bar clamp (I use at least 2 each time I need them)

Steel Bar Clamps

Dewalt 4 1/2 inch circular saw ( love this tool!)

Dust mask

Kreg Pocket Screws assorted sizes

Kreg K4 Pocket Screw System

Kreg automax clamp

5in Clear stretch wrap film

18 in clear stretch wrap film

22 in wooden drawer slide (cut to fit)

Tack in Drawer Glides

Disclosure Statement: These links contain affiliate links. I will receive a commission for items purchased through these links at no extra cost to you. I appreciate your support. Please read all labels and follow all manufacturer safety recommendations when working with paints, stains, and other equipment and wear and use appropriate personal protection equipment. Viewers should attempt these projects at their own risk.

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