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Restoration of "Baby Maker" Side Table

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

This weeks project is a table I purchased at an estate sale for only $5.When I was paying for the table, the woman that was in charge of the sale relayed a very interesting story that she had been told by a relative of the owner of the home where the sale was held. As the story goes, this table had been in the family for quite some time and at some point it had gained an interesting reputation.

According to her, any time a woman in the family wanted to get pregnant, she need only place this table in their bedroom and it seems that very frequently the wife would become pregnant. In time, the family members came to believe that not only would it help you get pregnant but that you could choose the sex of the baby by painting the table blue or pink. Apparently one woman did not care what sex the baby was so she painted it white and she ended up with fraternal twins ( a boy and a girl). This relative said some members of her family swore that this table had some magical power and had named it the baby maker.I have no idea if there is any truth to this story .

However, it is abundantly clear that there are multiple coats of paint on this table. It does appear to be quite old but it has been kept clean and dry so the wood is in good condition.

Once again, I am curious about what is under all that paint and I hope I can restore it to it’s original condition.

Click on the link below to be taken to the full video posted on my YouTube channel:

Supplies used in this video:

oil based polyurethane spray

Krud Kutter

Mister for water

Respirator with safety glasses

Dust mask

Mineral Spirits

KWIK Strip Paint and Varnish Remover at Home Depot

Steel Wool Pads #3

Steel Wool Pads super fine

Plastic putty knives

Varathane Premium Wood Stain DARK WALNUT

Contour Scraper from Harbor Freight

Additional products I find helpful in flipping furniture:

Zibra grip n glide 2 inch paint brushAssorted Sanding Sponges

Gray wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms)

Beech wood contact paper (for drawer bottoms)Chair Table Leg floor protectors

Respirator with safety glasses

Rub N Buff

Replacement battery for Ryobi power tools

Ryobi 7 1/4 in Battery powered Miter Saw

Ryobi Electric 7 1/4 in Miter Saw

Irwin 24 inch bar clamp (I use at least 2 each time I need them)

Steel Bar Clamps

5in Clear stretch wrap film (to protect furniture for delivery)

18 in clear stretch wrap film

22 in wooden drawer slide (cut to fit)

Tack in Drawer Glides

Please read all labels and follow all manufacturer safety recommendations when working with paints, stains, and other equipment and wear and use appropriate personal protection equipment. Viewers should attempt these projects at their own risk.

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